The only Boring thing about this beer, is where it’s made!


We are a Nano Brewery Focusing on small batch hand crafted beer.

Our new tasting / taproom is located at 28150 SE Hwy 212.

Winter Hours (Jan/Feb): Fri-Sat Noon-7:00pm, Sun Noon-6:00pm

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Our Beers

Boring Brewing Feature Bears

Boring RyPA – A traditional northwest inspired IPA with peppery spice of rye.  Hopped with traditional NW grown hops.  This RyPA is 6.5% ABV with an IBU of 70.

Boring Brown – Traditional American Brown Ale with a nutty character contributed by biscuit malt.  ABV of 5.5 with an IBU of 35.  This is a very drinkable brown ale all year long.

Hoppy Blonde – A light bodied ale with a little bit of hop punch.  ABV of 5.6% and an IBU of 36.  This very refreshing beer has some great mouth feel and a nice hop finish to make this an all around great ale.

Big Yawn IPA – Our flagship IPA using a proprietary blend of hops from Hop Union called Zythos.  Lots of late hop additions as well as generous dry hopping creates a great IPA with notes of citrus.  ABV 7.2%, IBU 75.

Hot Scotch – This seasonal beer is a scotish ale brewed with scotch bonnet peppers.  Nice malt sweetness up front followed by a little warmth from the peppers.  Great winter beer.  ABV 8.0%, IBU 25.

Springwater Trail Session IPA – This is a great drinking session IPA brewed with a hop from Hop Union called Falconer Flight 7C’s.  This is a proprietary blend of the great “C” hops to combined into a single product.  Easy drinking with great hop character of an IPA.  ABV 4.7%, IBU 47.

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Corporate Phone Number


28150 SE Hwy 212, Suite A, Boring,OR 97009

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  1. Wes, so far I am pleased with the value / quality of the products from Glacier Tanks. I was able to inspect their products prior to placing my order.



  2. We do have shirts in unisex sizes. M,L,XL and XXL in both short and long sleave. We sell them out of our tasting room. $15.00 for short sleeve and $18.00 for long sleeve add $3.00 for XXL.

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About Us

My journey to Boring Brewing started  27 years ago when I began my ventures in Homebrewing.  I read everything related to brewing I could get my hands on.  Some would say I was obsessed.  I always wanted to open a brewpub or brewery but it was always a dream for me.  The stars seemed to align this last year and it looked like it was possible to open a brewery in a accessory building on my property.  After jumping through mounds of paperwork, I finally became licensed to brew beer on a commercial level.  This is where I bring you Boring Brewing – a Nano Brewery  that is focused on quality.  Our beers spend the correct amount of time in the fermenter followed by a cold age in a bright beer tank where optimal carbonation and flavor is obtained prior to making it to your pint glass.  Look for our beers at the best establishments

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