Our Beers

Boring Brewing Feature Bears

Boring RyPA – A traditional northwest inspired IPA with peppery spice of rye.  Hopped with traditional NW grown hops.  This RyPA is 6.5% ABV with an IBU of 70.

Boring Brown – Traditional American Brown Ale with a nutty character contributed by biscuit malt.  ABV of 5.5 with an IBU of 35.  This is a very drinkable brown ale all year long.

Hoppy Blonde – A light bodied ale with a little bit of hop punch.  ABV of 5.6% and an IBU of 36.  This very refreshing beer has some great mouth feel and a nice hop finish to make this an all around great ale.

Big Yawn IPA – Our flagship IPA using a proprietary blend of hops from Hop Union called Zythos.  Lots of late hop additions as well as generous dry hopping creates a great IPA with notes of citrus.  ABV 7.2%, IBU 75.

Hot Scotch – This seasonal beer is a scotish ale brewed with scotch bonnet peppers.  Nice malt sweetness up front followed by a little warmth from the peppers.  Great winter beer.  ABV 8.0%, IBU 25.

Springwater Trail Session IPA – This is a great drinking session IPA brewed with a hop from Hop Union called Falconer Flight 7C’s.  This is a proprietary blend of the great “C” hops to combined into a single product.  Easy drinking with great hop character of an IPA.  ABV 4.7%, IBU 47.